Be your own superhero. Everyday you learn something new about yourself, that you are alive and have needs. I find myself trapped between my ongoing plans, duties and responsibilities. Somehow the past, that is my ex-marriage, still remains connected to me like a spider web that won't disappear.  I have two great kids that consider me their superhero, does everything with them, takes care of them, day and night, but they are also my superheroes. Days when they feel sick, sad or are away with their dad. are like so long and exhausting. I guess this is part of being divorced but will this ever change?

After going to another psychological evaluation of my son, just because his dad thinks he is not sure or doesn't understand what autism is, I felt trapped between the stupidity of some questions and my ex-husband rejection of thinking straight. I feel like these kids, my son's recovery, and my own life's recovery is a mission that I must accomplish at all costs.

I just grabbed the phone and called the people from the Son-rise program on 4th of July and they answered. I immediately connected with the lady and shared thoughts and experiences, planning something new for my son's future.

Superheroes need help, because humans put more boundaries than anyone can imagine.  Costs are high! Chances are there, in the USA. So, the plan is there, just need the right people and money to make it happen.

If my son can cope with autism everyday not knowing what is next, then I can cope with reality and work on changing my life and set things straight. I have been in a shell of explaining myself and my actions, this shell is not attractive at all. 

Be your own superhero and brake that shell! thins will get better!