Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr Friendship Day


We were happy to be part of this Project4/4 for friends, in collaboration with the US Embassy and American Council here in Romania. 

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? (Martin Luther King Jr.)

With these words from Martin Luther King we embarked on this journey.

Children are and should be our most valuable treasure, as they are our future and our promise for a better life, they are our projection into the future. 

But the future can seem blurry at times, especially if you’re struggling with a condition like autism.

What we are trying to do is show all that autism can be embraced through support and education. Autistic children can grow up to be high- functioning adults as long as they are diagnozed correctly,  accepted and supported by their families, teachers, classmates and society as a whole.

What one doesn’t understand will always appear as impossible to achieve. 

Education is the easiest way to shed light and help our children grow wings, while teaching adults to not cut them off. 

And as children spend most of their time in schools and other educational facilities, we want to support educators, parents and all involved to help build a bright future for all, as nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance… (Martin Luther King Jr.)

We have launched our baby project and chose 4th of April, Friendship Day, to promote humanitarian actions and focus our community's attention on the needs and rights of children and adults with Autism.

We have chosen for this project LUMEA COPIILOR Kindergarten in Constanta, the staff coordinated by headteacher Ramona Vasiliu were the perfect host. the children were happy and played Easter games like : the egg hunt, the egg race and tic-toc. the volunteers were great! 17 students from Constantin Bratescu National Pedagogical College planted flowers and played with the kids making this day a very happy memory in to all our hearts and minds. 

Here is a link with all the national activities held on this day.

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